YT Thumbnail Downloader

How to Download YouTube Thumbnail?

We are going to explain how to download the thumbnail of the cover of a YouTube video. If you have a video uploaded on YouTube and you want to download its thumbnail to use it in some type of article, today we are going to tell you the Easy Method you can follow and get the High-Quality thumbnail that appears on its cover.

There are several methods with which you can do it, but the easiest of all is to use one of the several pages specially designed to get the covers of the videos. Therefore, you need Only the Video URL to show the cover thumbnail you want to download, and then go to the page in question.

Download YouTube video thumbnails:

The first thing you have to do is enter YouTube and go to the video whose cover thumbnail you want to download. Once there, simply copy the URL from the address bar. If you're not sure how to do it or you're using a YouTube app, just tap the Share button that will appear on the video.

Whether you do it in the app on your mobile or if you press the button on the web, a pop-up window will appear with options to share the video. If you are on the web, in this window you must click on the Copy button that appears next to the small URL. If you are doing it on your mobile, click on the Copy link button in the menu that will have opened.

Once you're Copied the Video link, Paste it Here to capture these images and allow you to download them. For example, we have used the website. IN it, first, paste the URL of the video (1) in the space to write that appears, and then click on the Download button (2) to ask the web to extract the thumbnail from it.

When you do, you'll be taken to a slightly confusing page where the first thing you see is a link to try another link. Don't worry because that doesn't mean there was an error, you just have to go down that same website until you find the screenshots

The captures will appear in all the sizes that are available Here, the only thing left for you to do is right click on the capture of the size you want to download , and in the pop-up menu that appears, choose the option Save image as to decide where you want download it.

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